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Looking for something different or special for a certain someone on your holiday gift list? What better gift can you give than that of a good night sleep?   Getting enough sleep is as important as clean air and plenty of food and water to our health and well-being. This holiday season, give someone a gift that can enhance their life– something that helps them sleep.   Here are 15 of the best sleep gifts for everyone on your...

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We use our smartphones for just about everything these days. So, why not use them to help you get the much needed sleep and rejuvenation that’s been eluding you?   You probably already sleep with your smartphone near you, so put it to your advantage. From nature sound playlists to guided meditations, there are plenty of apps out there to help you peacefully drift off to the land of Nod.   Here is a list of seven apps to help...

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The holiday season is among us, and as a result, people are getting less of their much-needed rest and relaxation. Between holiday shopping, parties and family visits, who has the time? However, this decrease in sleep and relaxation may be a big cause of your holiday stress. It is important to maintain a healthy sleep routine so that you can truly enjoy the season. There’s no reason to let the hectic schedule of the season rob...

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(Phoenix, AZ) October 10, 2016 – Valley Sleep Center is now providing oral appliance therapy as a treatment for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.  Oral appliance therapy will be provided by Dr. Barry Freydberg, DDS. a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Dentistry. “We are so excited to have Dr. Freydberg working with Valley Sleep Center to provide more treatment options for our patients who snore or have sleep apnea,”...

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Stress is something we all feel at one time or another. Stress can be brought on through our jobs, school, relationships, or even just really bad traffic! Yes, stress is inevitable, and if we let it, it can wreak havoc on our lives. One way that it does this is by interrupting our healthy sleep patterns.   Sleep is a vital resource in keeping a person healthy and mentally sharp. Quality sleep helps us to cope with every day...

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  In an effort to save lives and reduce crashes, the National Sleep Foundation has declared November 6 – 13, 2016 Drowsy Driving Prevention Week®.     The National Sleep Foundation states that more than half of American adult drivers have admitted to driving drowsy, and almost one in five admit to having fallen asleep behind the wheel. The 2014 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) documented...

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Sleep is vital to our health and well-being. Regularly sleeping seven to eight hours a night helps your health, body, and your mind perform at their very best. However, you may not know that your body is doing some amazing things for you, all while you’re getting your needed rest and rejuvenation. Read on to discover what your body goes through while you sleep.   Body Temperature– At night, our body temperature and...

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Night terrors are very different from your run-of-the-mill nightmare, and if your child ever experiences one, you’ll know it. For parents, witnessing your child go through a night terror can be a frightening experience. According to kidshealth.org, during a night terror, a child might suddenly sit upright in bed and shout out or scream in distress. The child’s breathing and heartbeat might be faster, he or she might sweat,...

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(Phoenix, AZ) October 10, 2016 – Valley Sleep Center is dedicating the month of October to breast cancer awareness. They will be donating 10% of their profits in October to the Provision Project, a local nonprofit whose mission is to provide financial relief to women in active treatment for breast cancer. While Valley Sleep Center does not diagnose or treat breast cancer, it is a subject that has impacted them tremendously. Lauri...

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Can Lack of Sleep Make You More Susceptible to Breast Cancer?   Most of us understand that not getting enough sleep causes a wide range of problems.  We may snap at our kids, argue with our spouse, forget to get a report to the boss, and burst into tears when he confronts us about it.  We may struggle to stay awake when we drive, fall asleep in front of the TV, and feel like we just don’t have the energy to do much of anything. ...

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Client Reviews

"Great staff, they make you feel so at home. Every medical facility should be this nice. Felt like a nice hotel. Someone has great taste in decorating. Thanks for making us feel at home."

Steve N.

San Diego, CA

"I recommend them highly!! I took my 2 year old daughter for a sleep study and was very impressed. Our sleep technician was amazing with her, very patient and kind. The DVD we brought to watch while getting her hooked up got stuck in the TV and they vowed to return it. We got a call the next day checking on our daughter and saying how sweet she was, they mentioned the DVD. Several days later, we received the DVD plus a new copy of the Lion King with a nice note. They are very good at what they do and if they can make a 2 year old feel at ease, they can probably do the same with anyone!!"

Anthea S.

Tempe, AZ

"I was especially impressed with Andrew the Respiratory Therapist who reviewed my study with me and answered my questions. Andrew thoroughly explained everything about the Cpap machine-from start to finish. I never felt rushed and was assured I could contact him with any additional questions or needs. Andrew told me he would follow up with a call in a week and he did. I believe this center performed the study appropriately and the added benefit of having Andrew teach me about the machine and what to expect was a bonus."

Candace M.

Scottsdale, AZ