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What Is the Issue?

Philips has issued a voluntary recall for millions of its sleep apnea machines and mechanical ventilators after finding that some of the foam used in the breathing devices may degrade into particles and be inhaled or ingested by users. The issue can be related to high temperatures, high humidity, or the possible use of ozone machines affecting certain devices.

Some users have reported finding black debris within the air-path tube as well as mild symptoms, including headaches, coughing, and sore throat.

Therefore, Philips has voluntarily issued a recall notification to inform patients and customers of potential impacts on health and clinical use related to this issue, as well as instructions on any action that should be taken.

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What Should People Do if They Have This Machine?

If you currently have a Philips machine, your first step will be to visit THIS WEBSITE to check if yours is one that is affected. If so, you can initiate a claim. Be sure to check with your medical provider about continuing CPAP and the risks associated with those machines.

If you have had your machine for five or more years, you will be required to renew your prescription before you can be issued a replacement machine or prescribed any alternative therapy options.

Alternative Solutions in the Meantime

If you are using an affected machine, you should register and submit a claim with Philips to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Then, discuss with your medical provider about alternative therapy options depending on your needs.

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A Letter From Philips

We understand that you may be curious to know more about the recall of this product. Below you can download the full statement from Philips regarding the technology and its need to be recalled. If you have any questions, please contact Valley Sleep Center.

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