If you are struggling to get the sleep you need all you need to do is take your phone to bed with you.  Don’t worry, you won’t have to use any of your minutes.  All you have to do is download one of these great apps that track your sleep cycle so you can see what is happening when your eyes are closed.


1.     SleepBot

SleepBot is a multifunction app that allows you to customize how your sleep is tracked.  Throughout the night it will keep track of your movements, record the sounds you make, and use your own sleep data to determine the best time to wake you up.  The rich app allows you to set multiple alarms, see sleep trend graphs, and customize your sleep tracking experience.  The apps reporting capabilities give you the basic sleep data found in other apps like sleep duration and sleep pattern and additional information about movements, sounds, and the relationships between the two.


2.     WakeMate

Although  WakeMate is primarily a sleep cycle based alarm clock, it also tracks your sleep data.  The app interacts with a wristband worn while you sleep that captures your data so that it can be uploaded into the app for analysis.  Like other similar gadgets , WakeMate uses your sleep data to gauge where you are in your sleep cycle so that it can set off an alarm to wake you up the most optimal time during a designated 20 minute window.


3.     Zeo

Like WakeMate, Zeo uses a peripheral device to measure your sleep data.  With Zeo, you wear a headband to track your sleep patterns with the intent of helping you improve the overall quality and quantity of your sleep rather than ensuring an optimal wake-up time.  A feature that differs from some other apps is the ability to track other factors that can impact your sleep like exercise, medication, and caffeine.  Combining this information and your sleep data enables Zeo to help you identify the patterns of behavior that are impacting the quality and quantity of your sleep.


4.     Lark

Lark is like WakeMate for married people.  This app provides the same basic functionality as WakeMate but provides an alarm feature that silently wakes you up.  Lark does the same basic thing as WakeMate only silently.  With Lark, you wear a wristband that tracks your sleep patterns and uses your sleep data to determine the right time to wake you up.  When you are at the most optimal point in your sleep cycle to wake up, the Lark wristband vibrates to wake you up.  Lark also tracks and records sleep data to help you see what is happening while you are asleep.


5.     Sleep as Android

The Sleep as Android app provides the same basic functionality as the other sleep cycle trackers.  It provides basic sleep tracking capabilities and an alarm clock tuned to your individual sleep cycle.  The app enables you to view your sleep history, determine your sleep deficit, and your overall sleep statistics.  It will also record the sounds you make while you are sleeping and allow you to put a CAPTCHA on your alarm clock to confirm you are awake.


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