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For most insurance plans, you do not need a primary care referral to meet with one sleep providers.  If you are having sleep issues, and wish to see a sleep specialist, call us or click on the make an appointment  button to set up an initial sleep consultation to determine if a sleep study is right for you.

If you are scheduled for a consultation or follow-up appointment

The information below will provide you an overview of what to expect and answer most questions you may have.

What you should bring

  • Your current insurance card(s) and a current picture ID.
  • Be sure to complete any forms on the patient portal prior to your visit.

Cancellation Policy

  • Sleep consultation/Follow-up/Home Sleep Test/Nocturnal Oximetry requires a 1 business day notice to avoid a $50 cancellation fee.

  • In-Lab Sleep Studies require a 2 business day notice to avoid a $200 cancellation fee

If you are already scheduled for a sleep study

The information below will provide you an overview of what to expect and answer most questions you may have.

For your comfort, your sleep study will be performed in your own private room which includes: 

  • Private bathroom with toilet and sink
  • Walk in shower (available upon specific request)
  • High Quality mattresses, pillows and bedding (Decor and bedding vary by location)
  • Motorized Beds available for comfort/convenience
  • Cable Television and Wireless Internet

If you have work or an important day following your sleep study, please be advised everyone responds differently to a night of sleep testing.  Some patients feel tired and fatigued, while others feel refreshed an energized due to Treatments during testing.  Please plan for the following day to allow for either result.  Please understand that regardless of your sleep perceptions, the data recorded will reveal trends and important information about your sleep and indications for sleep disorders.  It is understood and considered that longer sleep times, the comforts of the home environment, etc. do a play a role in your quality of sleep and sleep perception. The Sleep Study is looking for certain data to confirm the presence or absence of sleep disorders and your perceived or actual sleep times are not always dependent on this.  Your Sleep Provider will be able to review this in detail with you as needed.

What will happen during your sleep study

  • Sleep study appointments are generally scheduled at 8:30 pm. Please arrive on time.
  • When you arrive for your sleep study, you will check in with our front desk and present ID and Insurance Card, complete any co-pay requirements, sign the admission forms, and then you will be escorted to your private suite.
  • Once in your Suite, you will be given some time to get into your sleep clothes, brush teeth, etc.
  • Once you are ready, your Sleep Technologist will begin the setup process for sleep testing.
  • To prepare for your sleep study, the Sleep Technologist will attach small electrodes on your head to monitor brain waves to determine sleep, eye movements, and chin activity. Flexible Velcro belts will be placed over your stomach and chest to monitor your breathing.  A small nasal cannula and sensor will be placed by the nose to monitor airflow.  Electrodes will be placed on your legs to monitor leg movements and placed near your heart to record your actual heartbeat signal.  A pulse oximeter will be placed on your finger to monitor your heart rate and Oxygen level.  A snore microphone will be place on your neck to monitor any snores.  Additional electrodes may be utilized depending on your test type. This setup takes about an hour and generally you will sit in a chair watching TV during this process.
  • Please let us know if you have a known skin allergy to adhesives or specific metals.
  • Once Setup is complete you will be hooked up and a series of calibrations will be performed. Your Sleep Technologist will ask you to perform a series of tasks like blinking eyes, gritting teeth, counting, holding your breath etc., to verify all electrodes are recording properly.
  • Once the calibrations are complete, your Sleep Technologist will review the time and recommend lights out, or allow some time to relax watching TV, using Internet, or reading.
  • Generally, “Lights Out” is no later then 11pm to allow enough time to record the required amount of data. Do not worry if you can’t fall asleep right away, the time needed is recording time not sleep time.  You may fall asleep in the position you are most comfortable in and are free to move around in the bed; don’t worry about the electrodes, they will move with you.
  • After you have fallen asleep and your study has begun, the Sleep Technologist may need to re-enter your room to reposition sensors to ensure a quality recording or to begin CPAP treatment if it appears you met basic criteria.
  • The Sleep Technologists are awake all night and you may call them if you need assistance to use the restroom or any other concerns. Your Technologist generally has two patients to monitor, so if you do need something it may be possible they are with another patient at the time you call. Another Technologist may assist when needed.  If you call out and are not heard, please sit up on the bed to visually alert the Technologist.  Often people talk in their sleep and the visual cue will assist in alerting the tech you need assistance.
  • When the study is complete, your Sleep Technologist will remove the sensors and have you complete some Discharge paperwork. Results of the testing will not be ready when you leave in the morning as the data needs to be analyzed/tabulated and the Sleep Physician will need to be the one to make any diagnosis or comments.  Please respect the Technologist limitations on discussing any results of the test.

What to do the day of your sleep study

  • Please avoid napping the day of your sleep study.
  • Please do not consume caffeine or alcohol after noon the day of your sleep study.
  • Please take a shower before coming to your appointment.  Remove/Avoid all makeup, lotions, oils, and hairspray the day of your sleep study; this will help ensure better adhesion of electrodes.
  • Please take your usual medication(s) unless otherwise directed by your physician
  • Please eat a routine dinner to help avoid any heartburn or surprise effects from spicy/non-routine foods

What you should bring

  • Your current insurance card(s) and a current picture ID.
  • Be sure to complete any forms on the patient portal prior to your visit.
  • Loose, comfortable, modest clothes to sleep in (no satin or silk please as the belts will not stay in place).
  • Personal items such as a toothbrush, hairbrush, and day clothes to change into the following morning.
  • Personal Shampoo and products, etc., if you would like to shower in the morning. (Towels Provided)
  • An extra pillow. You will be provided with two pillows; however you may bring an extra one from home. If bringing a pillow from home, it will be placed in the dryer before being taken to your Testing Suite.
  • Any medications that you will need before bed, during testing, and upon waking up. This includes Aspirin or Tylenol for headaches, aches, or pains.  The Sleep Center cannot provide any medications on site.
  • Books, magazines or reading material to help you fall asleep.
  • Snacks, bottled water or other items you might need during the night.

Forms to complete

  • If you have been scheduled for your consultation or overnight sleep study, please fill out the necessary assigned forms on the patient portal prior to arriving for your appointment. In some cases forms may be emailed to you to complete and bring with you.
  • When you have arrived for your appointment, there are some forms to sign to complete your admission process.  You may have a co-pay or deductible due at the time of service; please verify payment requirements before coming in for your appointment.
  • View All Printable Forms

If you need special assistance/care during your sleep study

  • If you have special needs in getting around on your own, a caretaker should stay for the duration of your sleep study (i.e. getting into bed, walking to the bathroom, etc.)
  • If you do require to bring a caretaker with you, please let us know that you will need accommodations for your caretaker as we have limited space.
  • Children under the age of 18 who are having a sleep study are required to bring a caretaker/parent with them.
  • Patients who are unable to ambulate unassisted, have a medical condition that requires routine care during the night, or other special needs or risks, may be required to have a caretaker provide for their needs while the sleep Technologist attends to the Sleep Testing duties. These are reviewed on a case by case basis and reviewed with the Medical Director.  This policy is designed to ensure the safety of the patient and staff while ensuring clinical staff operate within their scope of practice.

The morning following your study

  • Sleep Studies will end approximately between 5:00 and 5:30 am.
  • Coffee is available upon request at some locations. Please ask your Sleep Technologist
  • Towels are available if you need to take a shower, please ask your Sleep Technologist.
  • If you need to leave early or require us to contact your ride for pickup, please notify your Sleep Technologist
  • Be sure to follow up with your physician or schedule a follow-up visit with one of our board-certified sleep specialists to discuss the results of your study. Please allow at least 5 business days for results to account for weekends, holidays, and delivery to your referring physician.

Cancelation Policy

  • There is a $200 fee charged for sleep study no shows or for cancellations made less than 2 business days in advance.
  • The fee can be waived in circumstances where the patient is sick or has an emergency etc. as long as the appointment is rescheduled.

Important info about your sleep study results

  • Our Sleep Technologists are highly trained and knowledgeable; however, they may not give you any information regarding your sleep study results or medical condition(s). The Sleep Physician is the only one able to make a diagnosis and treatment recommendations.
  • Please allow at least 5 business days for testing results before scheduling your follow-up.
  • If you need results faster please notify your Sleep Technologist and provide a reason (follow-up appointment scheduled, etc.)
  • Sleep study reports are sent to the referring physician(s) only.
  • If you wish to obtain a copy of your report, or send to another provider please call us at 480-830-3900 and/or request on the patient portal.


For most insurance plans, you do not need a primary care referral to meet with our board certified sleep physicians.