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Our STA3R Award Program recognizes those Team Members who exemplify the best of Valley Sleep Center in their Attitude, Attendance and Accuracy at work.

Here are our latest winners:

Helen Baubie

Lead Respiratory Care Practitioner – Valley Sleep Therapy

I am a native of Arizona, married and have one son. I have been a Respiratory Therapist since 1994. I have worked with sleep patients since 2003. The reason I love to work with patients that have obstructive sleep apnea is because I feel it is rewarding to me because I get to see them when they are sleep deprived and I can have them as patients for years. I get to see the progression of their lives changing from being treated. I think my best quality is I really listen to what my patients are saying. I feel that really helps me to help them and others that have the same issues. I learn new things everyday even though I have been in the field for years there is always something I learn.


John Bradley

Senior Sleep Technologist – VSC Chandler

John was registered in sleep in 1998 after completing his training at Stanford University’s Sleep Training Program, one of the first and most prestigious in the country.  He has worked at various facilities in Arizona throughout his career and has been with Valley Sleep Center for over ten years now.  John has considerable experience in Polysomnography and is well liked by his peers and the patients he serves. He has extensive experience working with Positive Airway Pressure including advanced modes of therapy in order to help correct patients breathing problems related to Apnea and other causes.  In addition, he has been involved in many challenging cases where PAP therapy is difficult for the patient to tolerate and use. However, with patience, patient interaction, special therapy modes and techniques he has been very successful in getting patients an optimal titration.  John often is our go-to Titration Technologist in the cases that are a challenge.

Scott Danner

Senior Day Technologist – VSC Chandler

Scott has been performing Polysomnography now for over 10+ years.  Scott started as a newer Technologist with Valley Sleep Center in 2008 and quickly progressed to becoming a leading Senior Technologist.  Scott has great technical and troubleshooting skills and loved the challenge of treating complicated Sleep Apnea patients that required advanced modes of treatment therapies.

Scott moved into a Day Technologist position and became a Senior Day Technologist the position he holds currently.  Scott is responsible for running day to day sleep center duties at the Chandler Sleep Center.  Scott has an excellent rapport with his patients and often goes above and beyond to help others.

Scott has a great work ethic and has a history of military service.  Scott met his wife, another sleep Technologist at Valley Sleep Center, and the two have begun to raise a wonderful family together.

Scott is admired by his peers for his Technical skills and his keen sense of humor.  Scott is a key asset for Valley Sleep Center and is greatly appreciated.

Paulina Esparza

Sleep Care Coordinator – VSC Arrowhead

Paulina has exemplified the Attitude, Attendance and Accuracy the 3 A’s stand for.  She has been with Valley Sleep Center since 2012 and has been dedicated and committed to Valley Sleep Center and our Patients.  She has always gone above and beyond to assist the Providers in our Arrowhead location, our Patients and our Team members in every location.

Biruk Fitru

Sleep Technologist – VSC Arrowhead

Biruk started employment with Valley Sleep Center while completing the Gateway Community College Polysomnography Program.  After gaining work experience, Biruk passed his RPSGT exam and has now been with Valley Sleep Center four years.  I have been proud to see Biruk finish his Polysomnography degree, become a US citizen, and pass his sleep Board exams all within a short period.

Biruk receives excellent reviews from his patients and goes above and beyond in the workplace by covering extra shifts for his colleagues, traveling often around the valley to support the team.  Biruk continues to strive to ensure top patient satisfaction while learning emerging technology and skills in Polysomnography.

I am proud to recognize Biruk for all his professional achievements and his continued efforts in high Patient Satisfaction and teamwork.

Congratulations Biruk!

Bali Gill

Senior Sleep Technologist – VSC Mesa

Bali has been working in Polysomnography for over 17 years and has Polysomnography experience  doing both night and day shifts, and has additional experience managing departments in the hospital environment.

Bali is an exceptional sleep Technologist and has extensive medical knowledge as she is a graduate from Medical School outside the United States.  Bali is currently a Senior day Technologist with Valley Sleep Center and handles the day to day duties in the Mesa Sleep Center.  Bali is a great asset to Valley Sleep Center and has a wealth of knowledge and excellent bedside manner.  Bali’s Peers, Colleagues, and patients all respect and appreciate her as she brings a positive caring attitude with her each day to the office.

Barbara LaSota

Sleep Technologist – VSC Chandler

I have personally been involved with the success of CPAP for many years with my family. Since I can remember I had always wanted be a sleep tech. I had been going to school for a few years and it was time to decide what I wanted to do when I grew up. The PSG program was very enticing so I took the leap and here I am. Working graveyards with some of the most amazing people that call themselves “sleep techs”.

Maria Leonhardt

Patient Accounts Specialist

Maria Leonhardt is our Valley Sleep Center Patient Accounts Specialist.  She is one of our original team members serving in many aspects of the company since 2000.  Maria has seen the impact throughout the years of how many patients are affected by the lack of good night’s sleep.  This give hers the ability to be empathetic and help guide our Patients in understanding the various insurance out of pocket responsibilities that they incur and provide them with options.   She is a caretaker by nature and enjoys times with her Mother and her daughter. Maria is an example of how a STA3R team member can help our Patients with the attitude that it takes for excellent care.

Dana Manderville

Billing and AR Specialist

Dana has been with Valley Sleep Center since 2014.   She exemplifies the three A’s (Attitude, Attendance and Accuracy) of our STA3R recognition award of our Team here at Valley.  The accuracy and timeliness of her billing procedures assist our Patient care to ensure they have their claims filed with their insurance companies to receive their benefits.  Dana is always willing to assist at any time needed in order to provide the best understanding of how insurance company protocols impact the flow of Patient care.

Andrew Nabors

Registered Respiratory Therapist/Clinical Educator

Andrew Nabors started with Valley Sleep since 2014. His dedication to help patients to become successful using PAP therapy has been a great asset to the team. Andrew’s ability to connect with patients and skill to troubleshoot their issues has improved patients adherence to therapy. Currently, his main role is helping patients with their therapy issues. Andrew is an avid advocate of healthy living, he is actively competing in different endurance races/competitions. We are proud to recognize Andrew’s dedication as part of the STA3R award.

Haley Parsons

Supervisor of Quality Assurance and Training

Haley has been with Valley Sleep Center since 2015.  She is one of our top Spotlight Team Members that completely embraces our corporate culture and trains other Team members what it takes to have the accuracy, dedication and the caring customer service attitude to assist our Patients.  She works with our Staff members and Management team to help them understand how they can access all information available to them to achieve the best patient workflow.   Haley works with our EMR system to ensure we are utilizing all resources to provide the most efficient, accurate and stable environment for access to Patient care.

Alicia Poncy

Sleep Technologist

Alicia started her career in Polysomnography in 2004 while she was attending Nursing School.  An opportunity presented itself to become a Sleep Technologist at Banner Desert Medical Center and she took it to experience life in the medical field before she graduated. Alicia trained and passed her RPSGT Board exam and has been doing Polysomnography now for over 15 years.

Alicia worked in Arizona at private and hospital Sleep Centers before moving to California to improve her knowledge and skill in Polysomnography with pediatrics at Rady Children’s Hospital. Alicia and her family moved back to the Phoenix area over a year ago were she began working for Valley Sleep Center doing both adult and pediatric patients in the sleep center.

Alicia is a great asset to Valley Sleep Center and has exceptional bedside manner and is well liked by her patients and peers.  Alicia was chosen to be recognized due to the glowing reviews from her patients and her attention to Attendance, Accuracy in her work, and her great Attitude particularly with patient care.


Erika Thomson

Sleep Care Supervisor – VSC Mesa

Erika has been with Valley Sleep Center since 2014.  She is a Leader that understands how to assist our Patents with the complete flow of their sleep care from the time we receive their request for services thru their next steps of treatment and follow up.  She is a mentor to our other Leaders and provides the knowledge to ensure our Patients are receiving the care in our locations throughout the Valley.  She exemplifies the Team spirit to assist where needed to benefit patient care.

Kellie Tyler

Billing Coordinator – Valley Sleep Therapy

Kellie has been with us since June of 2014 and is our Billing Coordinator. She assists with both our Patients and Insurance accounts.  Kellie has been such an asset to our Team and is dedicated to our mission of delivering excellence in Patient care and complete sleep health management.  She has a great attitude with her Team and Patients.  Her ability to coordinate with her Team for patient care and review the quality our VST procedures continues to enhance our ability to accurately review our accounts for our Patients.

Mitchell Wallace

Warehouse Coordinator – Valley Sleep Therapy

Mitchell serves as Warehouse Coordinator, helping to fulfill patients’ supplies. Mitchell has a great attitude and helps peers and patients as much as possible. He can be found always willing to help out any of the clinics as much as needed. He exemplifies being a team player.

Breanne Wasson

Marketing Representative

Breanne joined Valley Sleep Center 4 years ago. As a Supervisor of our Scottsdale location and now a Marketing representative, she continues to exemplify her contribution as a valuable team member. She has worked directly with our Patients to assist them in coordinating their sleep care needs while working in our Clinic locations and understands what it takes to provide quality customer service. Breanne has taken her understanding of customer care and now works with our Provider community to facilitate and educate our Providers. She assists them in understanding how our Sleep Centers can help Patients with their sleep health problems. Breanne has demonstrated a commitment to quality care and team work in order to provide excellence in Patient care.

Veronica “Ronnie” Williams

Customer Service Supervisor – Valley Sleep Therapy

Ronnie has been with Valley Sleep Therapy since 2013. She has been a key team member since operation started. Her passion to help patients and peers by going above and beyond is recognizable. Her leadership in her role continues to contribute to the company’s growth.

Nominate a team member for the Star 3 award:

The mission of Valley Sleep Center is to deliver excellence in patient care.  To achieve this goal, each of our team members are focused on ensuring our Patients receive the complete sleep health management coordination that is required to becoming the leading independent sleep diagnostic testing facility serving its community with quality care.

We believe each encounter with one of our Sleep Care Team members makes a difference and have established a quarterly award program that recognizes those that have made an impact to the quality of patient care.

Our STA3R Award program; Attitude, Attendance and Accuracy, highlights our staff who exemplify each one of the attributes of this award which produces a positive impact to Patient care.