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Our STA3R Award Program recognizes those Team Members who exemplify the best of Valley Sleep Center in their Attitude, Attendance and Accuracy at work.

Here are our latest winners:

Haley Parsons

Haley is our Valley Sleep Center Supervisor of Quality Assurance and Training.  She has been with Valley Sleep Center since 2015.  She is one of our top Spotlight Team Members that completely embraces our corporate culture and trains other Team members what it takes to have the accuracy, dedication and the caring customer service attitude to assist our Patients.  She works with our Staff members and Management team to help them understand how they can access all information available to them to achieve the best patient workflow.   Haley works with our EMR system to ensure we are utilizing all resources to provide the most efficient, accurate and stable environment for access to Patient care.

Erika Thomson


Erika is our Sleep Care Supervisor for our Mesa location.  She has been with Valley Sleep Center since 2014.  She is a Leader that understands how to assist our Patents with the complete flow of their sleep care from the time we receive their request for services thru their next steps of treatment and follow up.  She is a mentor to our other Leaders and provides the knowledge to ensure our Patients are receiving the care in our locations throughout the Valley.  She exemplifies the Team spirit to assist where needed to benefit patient care.

Lucy Parsons

Lucy is the Director of Patient Services for Valley Sleep Center.  Her husband and her family relocated from New Mexico to Arizona in 2014.  She has been involved in many aspects of patient care and focuses on the successful outcome of the experience that a Patient has in every level of healthcare that is needed.

Her administrative leadership and professional background have been involved with large insurance companies that provide her with the ability to impact the understanding of a Patients prospective regarding their own particular health care benefits.  Her range of experience working with Medical Providers also enables her to understand the need for various treatment options that are beneficial to a Patient.

Joining Valley Sleep Center in August of 2014, she has had the pleasure of being involved with a team of patient advocates and Providers for the treatment of sleep disorders.  There are numerous amounts of people that are impacted by the lack of quality sleep and are being educated by the professionals here at
Valley on the importance to treat sleep disorders and sleep apnea which can lead to other chronic diseases, poor health and the effect on the quality of your life.

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The mission of Valley Sleep Center is to deliver excellence in patient care.  To achieve this goal, each of our team members are focused on ensuring our Patients receive the complete sleep health management coordination that is required to becoming the leading independent sleep diagnostic testing facility serving its community with quality care.

We believe each encounter with one of our Sleep Care Team members makes a difference and have established a quarterly award program that recognizes those that have made an impact to the quality of patient care.

Our STA3R Award program; Attitude, Attendance and Accuracy, highlights our staff who exemplify each one of the attributes of this award which produces a positive impact to Patient care.