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If you are like many Americans, the snooze button on your alarm clock is one of your best friends as well as your worst enemy.  We, as a society, are not getting enough sleep leaving us overtired and exhausted and feeds our delusion that 5 more minutes of sleep will somehow make a significant difference in our day.

Whether you use a traditional alarm clock that emits irritating beeps or your cell phone and your favorite song, it’s possible that if you use the same sound for too long, it will lose its effectiveness and no longer be able to wake you up.  If you find yourself running late more mornings than usual or becoming a slave to the snooze button, it may be time for a new way to wake-up.

If you are one of the many who use your cell phone as an alarm, the rise in sleep texting and the potential problems the condition can cause may be just the reason you need to make the change back to an alarm clock.

Check out these innovative and interesting alarm clocks that are sure to get you moving in the morning.



Clocks that Move

Popping iPhone Alarms   

Think iPod Toaster and you have this one covered.  Need to hit snooze?  Just push your iPod back down to charge.

Toppling Time Tellers

The Tocky takes off, rolling away as soon as the alarm sounds.  To silence it, you will have to chase it down.


Clocks that Make You Move

Exploding Alarm Clocks

Need a rush to get you out of bed?  Maybe having to diffuse a bomb on a daily basis will give you the adrenaline injection you need to start the day.

Exercising Time-Tellers

If you need help getting up and want to get in shape, this is the alarm for you.  When it goes off, it requires that you complete a certain number of reps before it will go quiet.


Clocks with Benefits

Caffeinated Wake Up Calls

No need to get the coffee brewing to use the smell of coffee get you up and going in the morning.

Bacon Breakfast Clocks

Forget buzzes and beeps, the Bakon Alarm wakes you with the smell of cooking bacon by actually cooking bacon.

Anti-Snooze Alarm Clocks

Stop snoozing and get moving with this innovative alarm clock.  In order to activate the snooze, you have to get the clock swinging, once the swinging stops, the alarm reactivates.


Cool Clocks

Steampunk Alarm Systems

Based on designs by Thomas Edison, this slice of history will to wake you up ready to take on the world.

Guitar-Inspired Alarm Clocks

Made to resemble the neck of an acoustic guitar, this alarm wakes you up to the soothing sounds of that instrument.  While it is cool because you can tune and play it like a guitar, it doesn’t display the time which limits its usefulness.

Tuggable Timepieces

What better way to help you wake up then to get you stretching and your blood flowing.  That is the genius of this interesting alarm clock that won’t shut off until you stretch it out.


Unusual Clocks

Deafening Alarm Clocks

If noise is what you need, this may be the clock for you, but beware; at 90 decibels it is as loud as a lawnmower.

Agricultural Sound Alerts

Let the farm animals give you a wake-up call, just be sure you know who is calling as this clock requires you to locate and insert the right animal piece in order to turn off the alarm.

Wristband Alarm Clocks

The Wakemate uses your body movement to gauge the optimal time to wake you up within your designated 20 minute window.  Never wake up groggy again.

Toy LEGO Timepieces

Wake-up with Woody and Buzz!  Oversized LEGO figures offer standard alarm clock features.


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