Looking for the perfect gift for that special insomniac in your life this holiday season?  There are many great options for apps and gadgets that help to get a great night sleep.   Here are some of the best rated, best selling, best buys for holiday gifts that can help everyone in  your life get a good night’s sleep.


For Serious Sleepers

If you have someone on your list that needs some serious assistance getting the sleep they need, the Zeo Sleep Management system may be the gift that keeps giving.  This gadget uses a headband that is worn during sleep and a smartphone app to track important details about your sleep cycle, the number of times you woke up during the night, and other data points about your sleep.  Over time, the data Zeo collected combined with the sleep tips and helpful information the app provides can help you get more sleep, get better sleep, and know just how you are sleeping.  This helpful tool also comes with a special alarm clock function that monitors your sleep cycle and wakes you up at the most optimal time from a sleep cycle perspective within a certain window.  This ensures that you will be less groggy and feel more refreshed when you wake up.  Cost: $130


For Those Who Cannot Let Go of Their Laptop

One of the most common recommendations given to people today who are having trouble sleeping is to forego the use of anything with an electronic screen for at least two hours before bed.  However, some of us just can’t figure out how to give up that much screen time.  If you need a gift for someone like this, F Lux may be just what they need to get the sleep they need.  The reason experts recommend steering clear of lighted screens in the hours before bed is that the light emitted by the screen mimics daylight, convincing our bodies that it isn’t time to go to sleep.  F Lux helps diminish these effects by automatically adjusting the light settings on your laptop to take on a yellow-orange hue and to dim as the sun goes down.


For Those Who Don’t Want to Wake Up in the Morning

People who struggle to get the sleep they need often have difficulty getting up in the morning because they are overtired.  The shrill, blaring sound of a traditional alarm clock can make mornings even more unpleasant for these poor sleep deprived people.  This year, give the gift of a good morning to these folks with the Phillips Wake-Up Light.  Rather than jarring people awake with loud, disruptive noise, the Wake-Up light mimics the rising of the sun, naturally alerting your body that it is time to wake up.  If the light itself isn’t enough, this gadget also provides a sound based option that uses sounds from nature to help alert you that it is morning. Cost: $90


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