Whether you sleep in your bed at home, in a sleeping bag while you are camping, or in a hotel on vacation, the hot summer nights can make it hard for your body to sleep.  And that unrelenting heat makes sleeping at night especially difficult for pregnant women, women going through menopause, the elderly and those who experience night sweats.

“Our bodies cool down naturally when it’s time for us to go to sleep,” says Lauri Leadley, Clinical Sleep Educator and President of Valley Sleep Center.

“If you help your body cool off it will help you get deeper sleep,” she advises.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that you should keep your bedroom at 65 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep, but what if you are not able to do that because you don’t have any air conditioning where you are sleeping?

Fortunately, science has come up with solutions that will help people cool off regardless of the temperature where they are sleeping.  Here are some of the newest “cool technology” sleep-assisting products now available:

  • Cooling Pillow Mat – a soft, flexible gel that conforms to your body and does not require water. Keeping the pillow in the refrigerator before bed helps the coolness last.
  • Cooling Mattress Pad – much like the cooling pillow, this is a cooling gel mattress pad designed to keep your whole body comfortable.
  • Cold Therapy Socks – chills within seconds to allow for a pleasant coolness on your feet. They are also great for sore, tired, aching feet or those suffering with plantar fasciitis or arthritis.
  • Personal Misting Fan – fans have come a long way with newer technology. Many are quieter than ever before. Keeping one on your nightstand, or next to your bed, can help move the air and keep you cooler. Often, the gentle white-noise of a fan helps many sleep more soundly as well.
  • Cooling Soap Cubes – Built with a unique formula containing mint and menthol, these soap cubes provide a cooling effect for a refreshing shower before bed.
  • Temperature Regulating Sheets – remarkable “phase change” fabric absorbs and stores excess heat from your body. When you cool off, it releases the heat back to your body to maintain a consistent temperature all night long.
  • BedJet – like a cool summer breeze blowing under your covers, this device uses sleep inducing biorhythm temperature technology to help you go to sleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up more refreshed.


If you don’t want to use technology to cool off so you can fall asleep, Leadley also suggests the following “natural” methods to cool off.

  • Sleep naked
  • Soak your top sheet in ice water, wring it out and sleep under it
  • Stick your feet out from under the covers
  • Take a shower or bath before bedtime

“If you are having trouble sleeping at night, there is probably a medical reason. Don’t ignore the problem. Talk to your doctor or a board-certified sleep physician,” says Leadley, “Good sleep is vital to good health.”


About Valley Sleep Center: 

Since 2002, Valley Sleep Center has provided Arizona with diagnostic sleep disorder testing in a home-like atmosphere, ensuring a comfortable, relaxing experience for patients.

Valley Sleep Center provides diagnostic testing for a multitude of sleep-related disorders including insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness, hypertension, sleepwalking, and pediatric sleep problems. Their physicians are Board Certified Sleep Medicine Specialists and are accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. For more information, go to www.valleysleepcenter.com.

*Disclaimer: Valley Sleep Center is not endorsing any product manufacturers or companies. List does not constitute medical advice. If you are having trouble sleeping at night because of hot flashes or other medical conditions, see a physician.


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