Pediatric sleep studies can sometimes be a trying experience for a child. The location can be unfamiliar, the setup will most likely be very different, and unfamiliar people monitoring the process is a new experience for a child. Valley Sleep Center takes great care to ensure that your child and your family members are treated in a way that is relaxing and calming to all parties involved in the sleep study.

Pediatric sleep studies can be beneficial to your child’s health. Underlying conditions can be discovered and hopefully treated, resulting in a healthier and happier child (and happier parents). If there are any questions, a trained technologist will be available at all times.

Here are some tips to prepare yourself for sleep therapy.

DO: Take Your Regular Medicine

If your child is taking any kind of medication for existing medical conditions, continue that medication as normal. The goal is to examine the child under normal circumstances, and that includes whether or not the medication is causing any adverse effects. Don’t forget to bring any medication that may be required once the child is awake or right before going to sleep either. The only caveat to this rule is if your family doctor states otherwise.

DON’T: Forget to Bring Things From Home

Nothing inhibits pediatric sleep studies more than a patient that is uncooperative, and it can be difficult to reason with a child that is unable relax, so contact us about what things you may bring from home that will help your child feel comfortable (within reason). That includes favorite pajamas, toys, stuffed animals, blankets, etc. We may try to recreate their bedroom at home in our clinic as much as possible in order to help the child sleep normally during sleep therapy.

DO: Bathe Beforehand

Make sure your child showers or bathes before arriving for one of their pediatric sleep studies. While this is somewhat of a hygiene-issue anyways, the main reason is because the monitors and guides that will be tracking his or her progress need to stay firmly attached. Excess oils and lotions can interfere with the adhesive and cause issues. Also, if your child is not potty-trained, be sure to bring wipes or extra diapers. Any questions you may have regarding this can be answered by our staff when you contact Valley Sleep Center.

DON’T: Nap After Noon the Day of the Study

In order to help your child fall asleep quicker at night, we discourage parents from allowing their child to nap the day of. Generally, our pediatric sleep studies start earlier in the day and end earlier the next morning, so if they are not allowed to nap, it makes for an easier transition. Also, try to limit their caffeine intake the day of the study also.

DON’T: Forget Any Special Equipment

If your child needs special equipment to go to sleep by, don’t forget to bring it the night of sleep therapy. Alternatively, if they have a special book or movie that will help them relax during the hook-up process, be sure to bring those as well.

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