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There’s an App for That! New Sleep App Review

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Which app is your favorite for getting a solid night of sleep? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For many Americans, falling into bed at the appropriate time and slipping off to dreamland for 8 full hours of sleep can seem like an impossible dream.  There is just too much to do and too little time to get it all done.  In other areas of our life, apps have become the go to solution for solving problems.  We can find an app that makes things easier or faster for just about everything.  Sleep, it seems, is no exception.  It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone/iPad or an Android smartphone, when it comes to finding something to help you get to sleep, there is definitely an app for that.

For iPhones and iPads

1.   aSleep 3

This app is jam-packed with sleep promoting functionality.  It offers an alarm clock with 56 different alarms, a snooze button, a flashlight, several different chromotherapy programs, a snore monitor, nature sound generator, and weather access.

2.   pzizz sleep

Pzizz sleep uses a combination of words, music, drum beats, and sound effects to lull you to sleep.  It offers a customizable playtime and each press of the START button creates a unique soundtrack.  You can control the volume of the music and voice separately and customize the sound effects that are included.

3.   Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

This inventive app uses the accelerometer in your iPhone to gauge your movement while you are sleeping and then translates that movement into sleep phase.  With this information, it then sets off the alarm at the most optimal time for waking up within a specified time block.  This helps you wake up refreshed and ready to start the day.

4.   Proactive Sleep

Proactive Sleep is also a multi-function sleep app that offers alarms and ambient noise.  It also provides a sleep diary that offers users a detailed way to keep track of their sleep and factors that may be impacting their sleep.  Users can input information about their exercise and caffeine intake in addition to tracking how much sleep they got.

5.  Living Earth HD

This app features gorgeous visual images of the Earth spinning to help you slip off the sleep.  You can also easily access the weather anywhere in the world and set an alarm that plays music to help you wake up in the morning.


For Android Phones

1.  Relax and Sleep Plus

The app is an ambient noise generator featuring 35 different sounds that you can mix together to create your own individual sleep track.

2.  Sleep as Android

This app lets you track your sleep cycle, creates sleep history graphs, tracks sleep debt stats, and provides nature sound alarms that go off based on where you are in your sleep cycle.  It will also record the sounds you make while you are sleeping like sleep talking and snoring.

3.  White Noise

Ambient sound generator with 40 different sounds.  Also provides a sleep shutoff timer to save battery and fade in alarm function to help you wake up more refreshed.

4.  Relax Melodies

This app offers 41 ambient sounds that you can mix together to create your own individual sleep track.  When you find a collection of sounds that works for you, you can save your track and give it a name, making it easy to re-use every night.

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