Looking for something different or special for a certain someone on your holiday gift list? What better gift can you give than that of a good night sleep?


Valley Sleep Center Blog: 15 Holiday Gift Ideas for Better Sleep

Getting enough sleep is as important as clean air and plenty of food and water to our health and well-being. This holiday season, give someone a gift that can enhance their life– something that helps them sleep.


Here are 15 of the best sleep gifts for everyone on your shopping list:


  1. Hello Sense

Monitor your sleep quality to see how it fluctuates over time, find patterns in your sleep behavior, and learn how to improve your sleep. Get personalized insight into your sleep to help you make more informed decisions about your sleep environment, asleep and wake times, and more.

  1. Eclipse Curtains

The smallest amount of light can send signals to the brain to stop melatonin production. Melatonin is the hormone that tells the body to sleep, so making your room as dark as possible while you sleep is extremely important. A great way to do this is with light-blocking curtains. Aim for something that blocks 90-percent or more of incoming light, like the Eclipse Curtains, which have a special foam backing for added noise muffling too.

  1. TruCool Pillow

This pillow is a dream to sleep on for those who overheat. It includes increased airflow, cooling technology, odor neutralization, and pressure-relieving memory foam. There is also a version for side-sleepers.

  1. SHEEX Performance Sheets Set

SHEEX® Performance Sheets offer the optimum environmental conditions for better sleep. They are made from the same high-tech fabrics as the world’s most advanced athletic apparel, doing for your sleep what that cutting-edge gear does for your comfort and performance on the field, court or track. With a luxuriously soft and silky feel, SHEEX® offer four-way stretch for unrestricted movement, plus breathe 50% better and transfer heat two times more effectively than traditional bedding for deeper, more restorative sleep. They wick moisture away from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable in any environment.

  1. Lavender Sleep Pad

Lavender has calming properties, so why not doze off on a bed of soothing lavender?

  1. Total Body Support Pillow

This U-shaped body pillow cradles your body to help keep your neck, shoulders, back and hips aligned all night long. Helps eliminate tossing and turning.

  1. Sleep Induction Mat

The Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat is a tool that helps you fall asleep faster, feel more refreshed, and improve overall energy levels. A few minutes of lying on the mat stimulates acupressure points up and down your back to ease your body into a deep relaxation response.  It’s about the size of a pillowcase and can be rolled up for storage or travel.

  1. Aura Sleep System

Setting up this sleep system can be a little complicated. However, once you get it going, it adapts to your sleep patterns in real time, senses your heart rate and breathing, and scans the room for noise, light, and temperature.

  1. Quietude Spray

This gift is great for the aromatherapy lovers on your list. This pillow spray will help you fall right to sleep. QUIETUDE contains a beautiful blend of relaxing essential oils. Mist your pillow, headrest or the space around you to surround yourself with the aroma of stillness. The delicious fragrance was designed with peace and calm in mind.

  1. Wireless SleepPhones Headband

Falling asleep with headphones on can end up hurting your ears.  Someone invented a headband that fixes this exact problem. SleepPhones® are traditional headphones made bed-friendly and cord-free! Unplug and unwind with the ultra-slim, patented soft and comfortable “headphones in a headband” that make listening to audio in bed a dream. Surround yourself in an ultimate sound experience – without disturbing, or being disturbed by, the person next to you. SleepPhones® were designed by a family doctor and provide wearable comfort that’s literally music to your ears. These are truly amazing for traveling or for falling asleep to music in bed.

  1. Magellan’s Good Night Sleep Mask

Your light-blocking curtains can’t go everywhere you go, so you should have an eye mask for the road. This cushioned sleep mask completely blocks out light and is specially molded to allow total eye movement (unlike other eye shades that press against your eyes) for deeper, more restful REM sleep.

  1. Tranquil Moments Sleep Sound Therapy System

Naturally achieve deeper states of sleep, relaxation and renewal, drawing on two decades of scientific research. Sounds based on brainwaves coax you into healthier states of repose.

  1. Melatonin Spray

This melatonin boost may be just what you need to help you fall asleep. Instavit makes several different spray vitamins and supplements, and this one is formulated specifically with sleep in mind.

  1. Drift Light

This smart LED light promotes natural melatonin production and slowly dims automatically over a period of 37 minutes (the average amount of time it takes for the sun to set), which gently relaxes you to sleep. The Drift Light has been specially designed to help promote a healthy sleep. Its auto-dimming feature helps your body have a gradual shift from light to darkness to help prepare you for sleep. It also has much less blue light, since blue light has been shown to suppress melatonin and make it harder to get to sleep.

  1. Blue Light-Filtering Glasses

All the time we spend in front of screens is doing a number on our eyes and our sleep cycle. These glasses filter out at least some of the blue light waves emitted from screens, giving your eyes a break over long workdays. Though not necessarily marketed as sleep products, they help. If you wear prescription glasses, talk to your eye doctor about glasses with TechShield lenses.