best sleep ever

Follow these tips to get the best sleep you’ve ever gotten (photo credit:

We looked across the internet to see what the experts had to say in order to bring you this list of the eight steps you can take to get the best sleep ever tonight, and every night. 

1.     Give Yourself a Bedtime

Bedtimes aren’t just for toddlers and tweens any more.  If you want to fall asleep quickly, stay asleep all night, and wake up well rested, you need to commit to going to bed at the same time every night.  Unfortunately, in this context every night does include weekends.  Protect your sleep and help your keep your internal clock on time by setting your own bedtime.

2.     Get Up, Even on Sunday

It is almost as important to get up at the same time everyday as it is to go to sleep at the same time.  The key here is to keep a consistent schedule of sleeping and waking.  By adopting a consistent routine, you are making it easier for your body to know when to fall asleep and when to get up.  It also makes it easier to determine if you are getting too little sleep or if there is something else interfering with your sleep quality.

3.     Make Relaxing a Ritual

If you have ever had to put a toddler to bed, you know how important a consistent bedtime routine can be.  Well, the truth is, at least when it comes to what we all need to get to sleep quick and easy, we are all big toddlers.  Creating a consistent bedtime routine that relaxes you are gets you ready for bed is helps you fall asleep faster so you can get the rest you need.

4.     Move

Exercise is important to getting a good night sleep. Make time to move every day just try not to do it right before bed as the rise in body temperature that can come from working out can keep you from falling asleep.

5.     Nix the Naps

While it might seem like napping helps you catch up on the sleep you have lost, what you are really doing is sabotaging your ability to get the sleep you need the nice time you go to bed.  Try to avoid napping altogether, but if you must nap, do it early in the afternoon to lessen the chance that it interferes with bedtime.

6.     Get Comfy

Don’t underestimate the importance of comfort when it comes to getting a great night sleep.  Make sure your mattress, pillows, bedding, and even pajamas are comfortable and conducive to sleeping.  Check the temperature, noise level, and ambient light in your room to ensure you have created an optimal sleep environment for your needs.

7.     No Nightcaps

Alcohol can make you drowsy but it doesn’t help you sleep.  In fact it does the exact opposite and actually interferes with your sleep throughout the night.  Skip the scotch and you will sleep better all through the night.

8.     Follow the 20 Minute Rule

If you aren’t asleep after 20 minutes or you find yourself tossing and turning, get up and go do something relaxing in another room.  Come back to bed when you are feeling tired enough to sleep.  Make sure your body knows that when you are in bed, you are there to sleep.