Sleepwalk With Me is based on the true story of a comedian who becomes so stressed over his stalled career and pressure to marry his longtime girlfriend that he starts to sleepwalk. It drew big laughs at Sundance and won the Audience Award but the movie, currently playing at Harkins Camelview 5 in Scottsdale, should also serve as a wake- up call.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleepwalking is much more common in kids than adults and more likely to occur if you’re sleep deprived. Symptoms range from sitting up in bed to walking around the house and even driving long distances. The Sleep Foundation estimates between 1 and 15 percent of us sleepwalk. Children between 3 and 7 years old and those who wet the bed have a higher prevalence for sleepwalking.


Sleepwalking Facts from the National Sleep Foundation

  • Symptoms may include sleeptalking, little or no memory of the event, and difficulty arousing the sleepwalker during an episode
  • Children usually outgrow sleepwalking, especially as the amount of deep sleep decreases
  • Sleep deprivation often contributes to sleepwalking, along with alcohol and certain medications
  • Creating a safe environment is key to preventing injury during episodes

If you have any questions or concerns about sleepwalking, you should consult with your physician or call one of the five Valley Sleep Center locations to speak with certified sleep professional.


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