Snoring is a common problem in our homes, affecting over 90 million Americans.  Research indicates that two thirds of adults say that their sleep partner snores.    The funny thing is that the person who snores rarely knows they are doing it!  Shaquille O’Neal was recently profiled in a news story because he’s one of those hapless snorers. It scared his girlfriend because she said that he would actually stop breathing!   She felt that he had a sleep problem and she encouraged him to do something about it.  She is credited for saving his life!

For the media, Sleep Expert Lauri Leadley, RPSGT, RCP, President of Valley Sleep Centers, can speak to the issue of snoring and how it affects not only the snorer, but the innocent sleep partner!  She can offer tips to partners on how to help a spouse that snores including:

1.  Use of technology such as the sleep shirt, gel mattress pads, or wedge.

2. How to know when to seek help for snoring

3.  Common symptoms of snoring for those who sleep alone

4.  Common treatments for snoring.

Lauri can also discuss who is at highest risk for snoring and related sleep disorders.   You can film at any one of their 5 locations in Phoenix, and they can demonstrate the technology mentioned.

For more info on Lauri Leadley, and Valley Sleep Center go to:  Valley Sleep