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Looking for a modern gadget to help you sleep or wake up? Check out these options (photo credit:

Looking for something unusual or special for a certain someone on your holiday gift list?  Why not get them a gift that can enhance and even extend their life – something that helps them sleep.  The truth is that getting enough sleep is as important as clean air and ample water to our health and wellbeing.  What better gift can you give than that of a good night sleep?  Here are some of the best sleep gadgets for everyone on your shopping list.

1.     Let Lark Wake You Up Without a Sound

Lark Pro is a wristband that vibrates to wake you up rather than waking you up with any kind of sound.  This is the perfect gadget for people who have partners with a different schedule as it makes it easier to wake one person up without a blaring alarm waking everyone up.   Lark Pro is controlled by an iPhone app, which limits its use to iPhone owners but it also tracks and records sleep data to help you see how you are sleeping.  Lark Pro costs around $160. For more information, visit the website.

2.     Wake Up Light Plus

While other alarm clocks use noise to help you wake up, the Wake-Up Light Plus uses light to alert your body’s natural functions that it is time to wake up.  The light also comes with a USB port to enable you to play your favorite sounds as part of your wake up call.  The unit costs around $170.

3.     Pzizzz

Pzizz is a different kind of ambient noise generator.  The app sits on your Mac or PC and allows you to create hypnotic zen-inspiring soundtracks to help you fall asleep quickly.  Soundtracks can be synced to iPods and mp3 players or burned to a CD to play in your bedroom.  The all inclusive package costs about $50.

4.     FitBit Ultra

Known for allowing you to track a variety of personal performance data, the FitBit is also a powerful tool when it comes to tracking and monitoring your sleep habits.  The sophisticated motion sensors can track when you are sleeping and when you are not and makes all your data easily accessible so that you can get a clear picture of how much sleep you are getting and make changes to improve your health.  The FitBit Pro costs about $100.

5.     Clocky

This is the perfect gift for the teenager, college student, or spouse in your life who will hit the snooze over and over and over until they are late for school or work.  This alarm clock will only let you hit snooze once before it moves itself out of your reach which forces you to get up in order to turn the alarm off.  Built to withstand drops of 3 feet, this quirkly clock is as interesting to look at as it is ingenious.  Clocky costs about $40-50.


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