By: Lauri Leadley, CCSH, RPSGT- Clinical Sleep Educator|Sleep Coach

Lauri Leadley, Clinical Sleep Educator, President of Valley Sleep Center

While a number of health conditions are specific to men, including prostate cancer and low testosterone, men also tend to suffer from high risk health conditions, such as heart disease and colon cancer, at higher rates than women.

However, with regular screening and early diagnosis, many of these health conditions can be prevented or effectively treated.

In addition to physical health, good mental health and social well-being are also critical areas of concern for men. Did you know that depression and anxiety affects nearly one in ten men in the United States.

However, less than half of those suffering from these conditions seek professional medical help. The rate of suicide among men is also 3.5x higher than women.

Sleep is an important factor to maintain good mental and physical health. Nearly 24-31% of men in the US suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) compared to 9-21% of women.  However, here again the percentage of people who seek professional medical help is very low.

As a professional sleep coach, I know that many mental and physical health conditions are closely linked to poor quality sleep.

Conditions such as heart disease, depression and anxiety, diabetes, can all be linked to sleep disorders like OSA and insomnia. If left untreated, some of these conditions can be potentially fatal.

Overcoming the Perception of Being the Stronger Sex

Through the centuries, men have been viewed as the stronger sex. However, there is a downside to this perception – it has given birth to generations of men who consider it a sign of weakness to be vocal about pain or health concerns. Many men ignore their symptoms and push aside health warnings until it’s too late.

We need to break through these societal pressures by encouraging men to not only seek medical attention as and when needed, but to also become self-aware of their health in general.

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The Importance of Men’s Health

A number of studies and statistics show that men are more likely to ignore common health concerns and symptoms when compared to women.

This is one of the reasons why through the years, decades even, the health condition of many male populations have suffered and dipped. Which is why there is a dire need for greater focus and awareness about men’s health issues.

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Another important aspect Men’s Health is encouraging men to adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

In addition to regular physical fitness, men also need to focus on eating right and getting the correct amount of rest. We need to encourage the men in our lives to cut back on poor health habits such as alcohol and smoking while simultaneously focusing on regular monitoring of health.

As mentioned above, regular health monitoring can help in the early detection and treatment of several potentially fatal or disabling health conditions.

Goodwill Message from Valley Sleep Center

Men’s health is not just limited to erectile dysfunction (ED) or pot bellies – good health for men covers both physical and mental health.

So, everything from bad breath to depression and suspicious moles on the skin should not be ignored or overlooked. As a society we need to come together and support the men in our lives to live healthy and proactively achieve their individual health goals.

We at Valley Sleep Center align with the need for greater health awareness among men. If you are facing health issues or are concerned about certain symptoms, please consult with your health provider at the earliest.

If you are suffering from a sleep disorder, please consult with a professional sleep coach as soon as possible.

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