The Interesting Ways that Companies are Paying Employees to Sleep

The need for good, quality sleep each night is undeniable. Getting enough rest each night helps you maintain your physical and mental health, sustain your energy throughout the day, and increase your focus and productivity in all the things you need to accomplish during your waking hours.

Recently, more and more companies are recognizing the importance of their employees feeling well-rested, alert, and energetic. Furthermore, some businesses have even begun compensating employees for getting enough rest at night while a growing number of others are paying their team members to nap at the office as well. While this trend may seem baffling, companies who pay their employees to rest well may just have unlocked the secret to achieving increased productivity while fostering high levels of workplace happiness and satisfaction.

The Interesting Ways that Companies are Paying Employees to Sleep

Here is a look at some of the ways that companies are paying their employees to sleep, both on and off the clock:


Funded Workday Naps to Improve Focus and Productivity

According to, several industry leading companies have made the strong connection between quality rest and happy, stable, and highly productive employees. To continually foster high levels of focus, productivity, and satisfaction, these companies are not only allowing employees to nap on the clock, but are also providing designated napping areas that serve as a quiet, comfortable escape for resting during the workday.

Here are a few examples of how several industry giants are ramping up employee productivity by encouraging napping at work:


Among many other workplace advantages, Google headquarters is equipped with employee napping pods so that their team members can take naps in peace and comfort during the work day. Google also supplies snacks to help energize and nourish their employees throughout the day.


This online shoe mogul offers employees many relaxing, napping, and overall health benefits including; napping pods, massage chairs, and onsite health screenings.

Ben & Jerry’s

The Vermont-based ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s, has offered an exclusive napping room at their office for more than ten years. Their idea behind adopting workday naps early on was to further their team culture of happiness, wellness, and productivity.

Following this napping trend, other companies such as Capital One Labs, Uber, and PwC have also begun providing employees the opportunity and the facilities to rest and nap during the work day when needed.


Compensation for Properly Preparing for the Work Day with a Full Night of Quality Sleep.

As many companies begin providing cozy, paid naps at work, one in particular has gone a step further and is compensating employees for getting enough sleep outside of the workplace as well.

According to BBC News, health insurance provider Aetna has started a program which pays employees to get the rest they need at night in order to function properly at work. Employees are entrusted to honestly report their sleep hours, and Aetna pays out up to $25 for every twenty nights that an employee sleeps seven or more hours. Many employees are earning an extra $300 to $500 per year, simply by sleeping enough each night.

Sleep deprivation is detrimental and dangerous to your physical health and mental well-being, and not getting enough rest can also diminish your focus at productivity at work as well. The rising trend in companies recognizing the value of proper sleep is pleasantly surprising and an important step forward in supporting employee wellness and productivity.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to sleep at work. Until your job does pay you to nap, if you are consistently struggling to get enough sleep each night, then participating in a sleep study can help you find solutions and get more sleep.