Some people curl up with their significant other at night and drift off to a great night’s sleep.  Unfortunately, that only happens to some people.  The rest of us long for the closeness and intimacy that comes from sharing the same bed but struggle with someone who snores, steals the blankets, or does other things that constantly interrupt our sleep.  Since more than 60% of us currently share a bed with someone else, this means there are a lot of us who are crabby and overtired simply because our partner is keeping us from getting the sleep we need.

If she snores or he likes to be hypothermic to sleep, these tips can help you get the sleep you need without resorting to separate beds.


1.     Agree that Sleep is Important

In order to resolve your sleeping struggles, you both need to agree that getting a good night sleep is a priority.  This is especially important when one of you is already getting a good night sleep and the other one is now.


2.     Keep Some Things Separate

It is ok to have his and her pillows and even his and her blankets, especially if separating these things makes it possible for you to both get a good night sleep without sleeping separately.  This can be a big help when the problems you are facing center on temperature and blanket allocation.  In other words, if your wife likes to be really warm at night, you might be able to keep the temperature normal just by getting her a heavier blanket.


3.     Go to Sleep Separately

If he must watch TV and you would rather read, you can stagger the times that you go to bed so that each of you gets to wind down in your own way.  He can lay in bed and watch TV for awhile while you read your book in another room.  This can also help if you snore or do other things that keep your partner from falling asleep.  Let them go to bed and fall asleep before you come in and hopefully your behavior won’t bother them since they are already asleep.


4.     Buy a New Mattress

Having the right mattress can really make a difference.  You need a mattress that suits what both of you need to sleep soundly.  This may mean that you invest in one of the brands that make it possible for each side of the bed to be set differently.  If you are struggling with a wiggling husband who moves around all night and keeps you up, a mattress that doesn’t transfer motion may save the day.


5.     Respect Each Others Needs

If you want the room cold and she wants it hot or if you need silence and he needs sound, try to remember that neither of you is right and neither of you is wrong.  Respect the fact that you need different things and work to find a compromise where everyone wins and most importantly, everyone gets the good night sleep they deserve.