Rejuvenating, restful sleep each night is a key necessity in a healthy, productive, and happy life. If you’re having troubles falling asleep, or staying asleep comfortably, then your bedroom or sleeping environment might be in need of a makeover.

Not sure where to start? These 10 sleep transforming products are designed to add luxury, comfort, and convenience to enhance your sleep experience, and help you get more out of your rest:
  1. Exquisite (Yet Affordable) Sheets
    Nice sheets can make an astounding difference in the comfort level of your bed, and the quality of your sleep. High thread counts and luxurious materials are certainly wonderful if you have the budget to splurge. However, these soft, cuddly sheets will wrap you in cozy comfort without making you lose any sleep over the price.
  2. Sheet Straps
    If your sheets tend to slip off your mattress or become loose and tangled during the night, then these sheet straps might be just the solution to help you have a peaceful and secure night’s rest. They’re easy to attach to your sheets and work well to keep things put during your slumber.
  3.  Cooling Pillow
    If flipping your pillow over to the “cool” side gives you great peace and comfort throughout the night, then you’d likely enjoy this cooling pillow. You don’t need to wake up and flip your pillow to get comfortable because this one stays nice and cool without any effort or lost rest on your part.
  4.  Heated Mattress Pad
    If you constantly wake up chilled or shivering in the night, then a heated mattress pad can help you stay warm and get the vital rest you need each night. These are especially nice in the cold winter months, but have a range of heat settings so you can be comfortable and warm no matter the season.
  5.  U-shaped Body Pillow
    If you suffer from back, hip, or joint pains that are keeping you awake in discomfort at night, then a U-shaped body pillow can help bring comfort back into your nights. The unique shape of the body pillow helps provide support, and relieves moderate pressure and pain so you can get rest.
  6.  White Noise Machine
    If you tend to have trouble relaxing before bedtime or sleep restlessly at night, then a white noise machine can be very soothing, calming, and help you drift to sleep more peacefully each night.
  7.  Dawn-Simulating Alarm Clock
    Our ancestors arose and began each day along with the sun. However schedules have evolved, it is very mood enhancing to awake to the warm glow of dawn. If your days begin before the sun comes up, then you don’t have to miss out on that experience when you have a dawn-simulating alarm clock.
  8. Bedroom Humidifier
    Dry climates and/or allergies can detract from your night’s rest by awaking you with sinus pressure or pain. Adding a humidifier to your sleep environment can help improve the quality of the air in your bedroom, and change how you breathe, rest, and sleep.
  9.  Essential Oil Fragrance Diffuser
    Stimulating your sense of smell can actually help you relax as you get ready to sleep each night. By using a fragrance diffuser you can relax with natural essential oil scents, such as lavender, each night to help you unwind, relax, and prepare all your senses for rest.
  10.  Soothing Sleep Mask
    A sleep mask can help you relax and get your needed sleep, day or night, by blocking out light and soothing your senses.

Sleep is a natural and vital activity your body needs to reset, rejuvenate, and perform well each day. Making small changes to your sleep environment with the aid of any combination of these products may help you get more comfortable, restful sleep.
If you frequently have issues falling asleep or staying asleep that impact your life over longer periods of time, consult a doctor or specialist for help and guidance in getting your best rest.