Sleep tips

Having trouble sleeping? Try one of these sleep secrets to find success (photo credit:

Having trouble sleeping? Try one of these sleep secrets to find success (photo credit:

Have you ever wondered how other people do it, fall asleep right away and stay asleep all night long?  If you are like the millions of Americans who struggle to get the sleep they need, you may be wondering if those sound sleepers know something you don’t.

Well, this week we thought we would pull back the covers and see if we could find the secret to the perfect night sleep.


Buy Another Blanket

Whether you are the one hogging the blanket or the one shivering instead of sleeping, this kind of struggle during sleep can impact the sleep quality and duration for both people.  The simplest way to solve this problem? Share a bed, not a blanket.


Dress for Success

Sometimes what you are wearing really does matter and bed time is one of those times.  If your PJs are uncomfortable or make you too hot or too cold it will interfere with your sleep.


Ditch the Drinks

Well, at least the ones that contain alcohol or caffeine.  Both of these beverages can keep you from getting the sleep you need, even if they seem to help you fall asleep faster.


Spend Time in the Sun

It might seem counterintuitive to say the secret to a good night sleep is to get out in the sunlight, but exposure to sunlight is one of the things that keep our biological clock and circadian rhythm on track.  Getting a little sunlight helps keep your body aligned with nature.


Seek Out a Siesta

If your inability to sleep is dragging you down during the day, taking a quick 30-60 minute name can help perk you back up without sacrificing any sleep tonight.  When we are overtired our cognition functions suffer and it can be difficult to regulate our emotions.  A quick nap can help reverse those negative effects and give us enough “get up and go” to get through the rest of the day.


Don’t Stay In Bed If You Can’t Sleep

If you are spending more time in bed trying to sleep than you are spending actually sleeping you need to do something different.  It is better to get fewer hours of good sleep than a bunch of hours of bad sleep.  Plus, hanging out in bed when you aren’t sleeping tells sends your body the wrong message.  You want your bed to be a beacon for sleep so if you can’t sleep after about 20 minutes, you are better off getting up until you feel more tired.


Move More

If you aren’t sleeping well you may need more exercise.  There is an intricate relationship between sleep and exercise and when you aren’t getting enough of one, it can impact the other.  Making time every day to get moving, even if it is only for 15-20 minutes, can make a real difference in how well you can sleep tonight.