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Follow these tips to sleep great under the stars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Summer’s here and the camping gear is practically packing itself because everyone is so eager to pitch the first tent of the year and taste the sweetness of that first s’more of the season.  You, however, are dragging your feet a little in terms of your camping trip preparations.  You love camping, you love sleeping outdoors under the stars, but you know that you aren’t going to be able to get the sleep you need and are worried about how lack of sleep will affect the trip.  Before you cancel the trip or run out to buy every sleep comfort accessory they carry at the store, read these tips for how to get a great night sleep in the great outdoors.

1.     Take the Right Tent

In terms of how you will sleep, the tent you take on your trip can make all the difference.  Make sure the tent you are taking has enough room for all those who will be sleeping in it, all of their belongings, and for people to move around without stepping on each other or tripping on their things.  This will help keep one camper’s late night potty break from waking everyone in the tent up.

2.     Ward Against Water

Most campers realize that if it rains, and they do not have a rain flap of some kind, the inside of their tent, their bedding, and their belongings will be getting wet.  But what many forget is that it is just as important to protect the bottom of the tent as it is the top.  Secure a ground cloth under the tent to keep water from seeping in since no one would get a good night sleep wearing wet pajamas and sleeping in a wet bed.

3.     Splurge on the Sleep Surface

Sleep is as important as the air you breathe and the food you eat which means that you should feel okay about going all out when purchasing the best bedding for your camping trip.  Purchasing a solid frame and an air mattress can make sleeping under the stars almost as comfy as sleeping at home.  As an added bonus, the frame opens up floor space for storage meaning you may be able to get away with a smaller tent.  Don’t forget a battery powered inflator and sheets!

4.     Read, Relax, and Get Ready

One reason people often have difficulty sleeping while camping or in any unfamiliar location is that they don’t follow the same bedtime routine they do when they are at home.  This kind of routine is very powerful because it lets our bodies know that it’s time to relax and get ready to go to sleep.  Try to follow your normal bedtime routine as much as possible while you are camping.

5.     Take Heed of Temperature Changes

Another reason people find it so difficult to get a good night sleep while camping is that they experience much more significant temperature fluctuations outdoors than they do when they are at home.  A blazing hot day can lead to a much cooler night and the sun doesn’t have to be up for long to turn the inside of the tent into an oven.  Being prepared to maintain your comfort level despite these rapid fluctuations is the key to being able to sleep all night and play all day.

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