Not tonight, I'm too tired 3 tips for better sleep


If “Not tonight, honey, I’m too tired,” is a common statement in your home, you’re not alone.

The 2010 Sleep in American Poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation revealed that 25% of Americans are too sleep-deprived for sex.

And this tiredness is also affecting every other area of American’s lives such as work, family and school.  Approximately 25% of people indicated they have missed a work or family function because they were just “too tired.”

“Sleep and sex are such vital parts of good health and relationships with our partners that they shouldn’t be ignored, “ says Lauri Leadley, RPSGT, RCP, Certified Sleep Therapist and president of Valley Sleep Center in Phoenix, Arizona. “However, too many people ignore both, choosing to use their time for other activities like playing on the computer or watching TV.”

Leadley offers the following tips for people to be able to get more sleep, and, get more sex.

1.          Schedule it: “Some people might laugh at the idea of scheduling sex,” says Leadley, “but it works!”  If both partners know what’s on the schedule for that night they can be prepared both mentally and physically.

2.         Take the TV and computer out of the bedroom. “The bedroom should only be used for sleep and sex,” says Leadley.  Television and computers are too distracting for many people.

3.         Go to bed earlier. Going to bed just ½ hour earlier can eliminate the stress of “I have to get up in the morning,” which can free up your mind to enjoy each other before you go to sleep.

About Valley Sleep Center

Since 2002, Valley Sleep Center has provided Arizona with diagnostic sleep disorder testing in a home-like atmosphere, ensuring a comfortable, relaxing experience for patients.  Their physicians are Board Certified Sleep Medicine Specialists and they are accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. They provide diagnostic testing for a multitude of sleep related disorders including insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness, hypertension, sleepwalking, and pediatric sleep problems.

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