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If someone in your home has problems sleeping at night, they are not alone.  It’s estimated that over 70 million Americans have sleep disorders.  But unfortunately, 95% of people affected go without help.

Valley Sleep Centers help people get to the root of their sleeping problems so that they can get the rest they need.  And now with the grand opening of their newest facility at Arrowhead, they can help even more people.

“Our patients love doing sleep studies in our facilities because they are “just like home,”” says Lauri Leadley, President of Valley Sleep Centers.  “Instead of being in a cold, hospital-like setting, where patients have to walk down a hallway to use a shared restroom, they get their own private bedroom complete with a private bathroom.”

Valley Sleep Centers is one of the largest sleep diagnostics centers in the valley.  This third location will enable them to provide over 4,000 sleep studies per year.

“A sleep study is somewhat like spending a night in a hotel.  The difference is that you’ll have a bunch of sensors attached to your body and someone watching you while you sleep.  And comfort is especially important in a sleep study,” says Lauri.  “If you’re out of your own environment it can be even more difficult to sleep.  That is why we make our sleep centers as comfortable and as much like home as possible.”

Valley Sleep Center accepts insurance from most insurance companies.  They are located at 6320 W. Union Hills Drive, Building B., Glendale, Arizona, 85306.  480-830-3900.

About Valley Sleep Centers:

Since 2002, Valley Sleep Centers has provided Arizona with diagnostic sleep disorder testing in a home-like atmosphere, ensuring a comfortable, relaxing experience for patients.  Their physicians are Board Certified Sleep Medicine Specialists and they are accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. They provide diagnostic testing for a multitude of sleep related disorders including insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness, hypertension, sleepwalking, and pediatric sleep problems.  For more information contact Lauri Leadley at 480-830-3900;
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