According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 30% of adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis.

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The CDC also reports that adults should get about 8 hours per night, although some adults need more sleep to feel rested, and some need less. This 30% of the adult population sleep less than 6 hours a night, which qualifies it as a public health epidemic. Are you in this 30%? Here are some signs you may not be getting enough sleep.

  1. You’re moody

Being irritable, moody, or depressed is a sign you’re having sleeping trouble. Anxiety and depression are often linked to insomnia, but even if you don’t have trouble falling asleep, your emotional health is still affected by sleep deprivation.

  1. You’re unproductive

Sleep deprivation can affect our motivation and productivity levels more than they should. If you’ve ever gotten out of bed thinking you can’t wait for the day to be over so you can get back in it, chances are you’re not getting enough sleep.

  1. You’re gaining weight

A lack of sleep can lead to increased appetite, leading you to snack unhealthily. If you sleep less than 6 hours, the hormone leptin is reduced, which helps to suppress your appetite. There is also a higher chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

  1. You’re sleepy during the day

You don’t have to be falling asleep at your desk at work to suffer from mild sleepiness during the day. If you find yourself yawning every half hour or needing coffee after coffee to get through the day, you need to be getting more sleep at night.

  1. You’re forgetful

Sleeping helps our brains process information learned throughout the day. It also gives our brain a chance to refresh and organize itself. Without that time to process information and refresh, performance the next day will be lacking.

  1. Your sex drive is lower than normal

If a lack of energy or desire is keeping you from your normal level of romance, you might be able to blame a lack of sleep over your partner. The National Sleep Foundation reports that sleep deprivation decreases libido, mostly due to a lack of energy, but also due to increased levels of stress and tension. Men who suffer from sleep apnea also have lower levels of testosterone.

  1. You’re stressed by small things

If daily small frustrations push you over the edge when they would normally be something to brush off, you may be not getting enough sleep. A healthy sleep schedule is important for managing stress and remaining level-headed.

  1. You have trouble coming up with the right word

The frontal lobe is associated with speech and is greatly impacted by sleep deprivation. Our brains rely on other areas when we’re sleep deprived, which results in not being able to recall the exact word you are looking for and slurring your speech.

  1. You had to read sentences in this article twice

An inability to concentrate is a definite sign you’re not getting enough sleep. It can also slow reaction time, so you may be reading faster than you’re comprehending.


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