Love is in the air. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to take a minute to emphasize the importance of pillow talk and finding your perfect match in the bedroom. Did you know that size and position really do matter? And finding your perfect match can solve or help remedy issues with neck pain, back pain, snoring and sleepless nights.

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Now that we have your attention, let’s get to the pillow talk. If you want to get your best sleep possible, then you need to find the best pillow match for you. We have all woken up with a kink in our neck or feeling like we didn’t get much sleep at all. Your pillow may be to blame for that grogginess. As with most relationships, you get out of it what you put into it. Since we spend a third of our life sleeping, it begs to reason that finding the right pillow is worth putting in the effort.


Here are a few key things to consider when selecting the right pillow:


Fill: It’s not all about looks. What is on the inside matters. Natural goose-down pillows are top notch in terms of comfort and quality. However, they can be a bit pricey. Synthetic fills and foam usually cost less and are hypoallergenic. Some are even machine washable. Memory foam or Tempur-Pedic pillows provide the most support, but are known to retain heat. This would not be the best option if you tend to run on the sweaty side.


Thread Count: A standard size pillow (20”x26”) with a thread count of 300 is budget friendly and generally comfortable to sleep on. Higher thread counts will offer a softer, silkier and more luxurious slumber. Pillow covers with high thread counts are also more durable and are better at keeping fill in and impurities out.


Size does matter: A standard pillow is 20”x26”. If you tend to move around a lot or find yourself slipping off your pillow at night, consider trying a queen or king pillow. It’s amazing what a difference a couple of extra inches can make.


Position: Consider how you sleep when picking a pillow. Stomach sleepers do best with a plump soft pillow, while back sleepers usually prefer a medium support pillow. Side sleepers generally do best with a firm pillow that cradles the neck, head and shoulders.


So find your perfect pillow match today and say goodbye to kinky (necks that is) and hello to a better night’s sleep.


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