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What Will You Do For A Good Night’s Sleep?: 5 Uncommon Tips for Better Sleep

Do you toss and turn in bed night after night? Or, do you fall asleep quickly only to be awakened by a small noise? Does anxiety keep you up for hours in the middle of the night?

Pensive Woman Stying Sleepless At Night

Poor sleep comes in many forms and can have a negative impact on one’s mental and physical health. If you have tried all the common sleep tips with no luck, perhaps one of these less traditional methods will work.


  1. DO Worry and be happy—If worrying keeps you up at night, try getting it out of your system before you go to bed. Allow yourself a set amount of time to list out your worries. Consider sharing them with someone you trust or write them in a journal. Just getting them out of your head can help you get much needed sleep, which in turn can decrease feelings of


  1. Get Up and At ‘Em— When you wake up in the morning, get out of bed and get moving. Take a walk outside or open a window to get some light. The sooner your brain gets the message about being awake, the sooner the clock will start ticking toward bedtime.


  1. Handle Your Health— Often times, chronic health conditions can impact our sleep. Obesity, muscle and joint pain, headaches and stress all impact our sleep. Take your health into your own hands and make changes that will allow you to rest more comfortable and sleep more deeply.


  1. Take Notes—Is your brain racing when your head hits the pillow? Try keeping a notepad and pen next to your bed. When you think of something you “have” to get done, write it down. If you suddenly come up with a solution to life’s greatest problem, write it down. Trying to remember something actually stimulates the brain, thus making it even harder to doze off.


  1. Socks— This might sound crazy, and it’s not a cure all to poor sleep, but wearing socks just might help you fall asleep faster. While a lower overall body temperature is ideal for good sleep, warming up the feet causes blood vessels to dilate. When this happens, heat redistributes through the rest of the body, telling the brain it’s time for sleep.


The health benefits of the right quality and quantity of sleep go far beyond being in a good mood or feeling productive. If you are struggling to get a solid snooze, consider trying some of these less common tips. If they don’t work, don’t lose sleep over it! However, you should consider contacting a sleep center or your primary care physician to discuss your sleeping (or lack thereof) concerns.

Client Reviews

"I recommend them highly!! I took my 2 year old daughter for a sleep study and was very impressed. Our sleep technician was amazing with her, very patient and kind. The DVD we brought to watch while getting her hooked up got stuck in the TV and they vowed to return it. We got a call the next day checking on our daughter and saying how sweet she was, they mentioned the DVD. Several days later, we received the DVD plus a new copy of the Lion King with a nice note. They are very good at what they do and if they can make a 2 year old feel at ease, they can probably do the same with anyone!!"

Anthea S.

Tempe, AZ

"I was especially impressed with Andrew the Respiratory Therapist who reviewed my study with me and answered my questions. Andrew thoroughly explained everything about the Cpap machine-from start to finish. I never felt rushed and was assured I could contact him with any additional questions or needs. Andrew told me he would follow up with a call in a week and he did. I believe this center performed the study appropriately and the added benefit of having Andrew teach me about the machine and what to expect was a bonus."

Candace M.

Scottsdale, AZ

"Great staff, they make you feel so at home. Every medical facility should be this nice. Felt like a nice hotel. Someone has great taste in decorating. Thanks for making us feel at home."

Steve N.

San Diego, CA